Research discoveries cannot have transformative impact if they never leave the laboratory. The Forward BIO Institute is committed to establishing robust and effective public-private partnerships which seek to find innovative solutions for critical global biomanufacturing challenges. Along with our Forward BIO Initiative partners, we will create a Wisconsin innovation ecosystem that connects scientific thought leaders in the public sector with entrepreneurs, investors, and technology development experts in the private sector, thereby enhancing the likelihood that transformative research discoveries will leave the laboratory and positively impact society.

Join our Consortium

The Institute will feature a Biomanufacturing Consortium, which will include major industry players in the biomanufacturing space. The consortium will focus on identifying and solving critical, pre-competitive bottlenecks in the biomanufacturing industry, and fostering development of new, innovative technologies and companies.

Collaborate on a Project

The Institute is also actively involved in facilitating sponsored research at UW-Madison. Through this mechanism, our industry partners will be able to invest and support biomanufacturing-focused scientific discovery, transformative research advances, and technological innovation in a project-specific partnership.

Support or Endow an Innovator

We encourage our donors and industry partners to support the Institute’s goals through fellowships for Forward BIO Institute students, positions for Institute Innovators, and Institute laboratory facilities.

For more information or to partner with the Institute as a donor, a collaborator, or a consortium member, please contact us.

Make a Gift

Direct support to the Forward BIO Institute will advance our mission to turn groundbreaking discoveries into treatments for patients in need.