The Forward BIO Institute is dedicated to training the next generation of leaders in Wisconsin’s biomanufacturing industry by establishing innovative educational programs that teach both biomanufacturing and relevant business concepts.

Master of Science Degree in Biomanufacturing Innovation

The Forward BIO Institute will be establishing a new master’s degree program in biomanufacturing innovation at UW-Madison. The program will have a hands-on emphasis, including course content in internship preparation, bioentrepreneurship, biotechnology development, and biomanufacturing. Research projects will focus on understanding industry dynamics and translating new technologies into products with potential for broad societal impact.

Career Enhancement Opportunity Program

The Career Enhancement Opportunity program facilitates mentored career exploration for graduate students in biotechnology fields by providing internship opportunities in career environments outside of academic research. In partnership with the Stem Cell and Regenerative Medicine Center, Institute-supported efforts will expand the program to engage a broader range of students throughout UW-Madison, and at partner institutions across the U.S., in preparation for understanding and solving problems in biomanufacturing-related industries.