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Small group discussions encompassing the breadth of the Institute’s initiatives

Registrants will be provided with each breakout session’s specific Zoom link. At 12:30, simply join the session of your primary interest. Registrants are free to move between sessions.

12:30pm to 1:30pm

The Win-Win Scenario: Successfully Recruiting Next Gen Talent for Next Gen Tech

Competition for qualified and skilled talent requires employers to remain agile and adaptive with their recruiting strategies. Hear from our early-career panelists about what the next generation of hires are looking for when evaluating multiple, competing offers.

What Constitutes Added Value?: A Conversation about Innovation Sourcing

Large, established companies employ a variety of models to support both internal and external innovation, such as formal public-private partnerships, stage-gate processes, corporate venture units, and start-up acquisitions. Our panelists will discuss the differing ways in which their companies identify and integrate new technologies into their portfolio.

Windows of Opportunity: DOD Funding for Academic and Industry R&D

The Department of Defense supports a wide array of biomedical R&D from concept through clinic, yet in Madison, DOD funding only comprises a small percentage of the area’s awarded research funds. Join two researchers who have found success in securing DOD support as they discuss the challenges and opportunities associated with obtaining grants and contracts through DOD mechanisms.

Pushing the Envelope: Future Directions in Cell and Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Advanced therapeutics such as cell and gene therapy face numerous challenges related to manufacturing including complex logistics, economical scalability, and accessible regulatory support. We welcome a panel of industry experts who are working to advance the art and science of biomanufacturing, supporting next generation therapies on the path to, or currently in, clinical assessment.

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