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Join a conversation and make new connections!

Registrants will be provided with Zoom links to all three networking rooms. Room “topics” are guides only. Stay in one room or move to another room to broaden your networking experience.

10:25am to 11:00am

Raising the Bar: Is Now the Time for a Biotech Innovation Foundry?

While Madison has many elements in place to support the forging of biotech and life science startups, would an innovation foundry that brings together budding and established biotech entrepreneurs address the remaining gaps? Join this networking room to meet others interested in growing the biotech start-up culture.

Outside Your Wheelhouse: You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Innovation is fueled by engaging with others who offer a new perspective, particularly one from outside your profession. Join this networking room to connect with, and learn from, those who actively seek out opportunities and circumstances that afford new insights. 

Taking it Offline: A Post-Pandemic Wishlist

The ongoing pandemic has necessitated rapid adaptation to meet new demands on work structure, team collaboration, and employee needs. Join your colleagues in exploring the lessons learned, and how to prospectively build more effective and efficient workspaces in the post-pandemic landscape.

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