• Discovery: fund groundbreaking TRL 1-4 technologies with direct connection to industry needs

  • Training: establish Masters in Biomanufacturing Innovation, expand CEO internship program

  • Development: bridge technologies by partnering with incubators, investors and companies


  • Short circuit the path to broad societal impact of innovative technologies

  • Lower the barrier for launch and success of innovative biomanufacturing startups

  • Make UW a leading national hub for biomanufacturing R&D and workforce development


In center-level grants already awarded to UW in biomanufacturing


Emphasizing effective translation will have a significant impact


Biomanufacturing creates opportunities for public-private partnerships

In line with the Forward BIO Institute’s overarching goal of advancing biomanufacturing technologies through interdisciplinary collaboration, the Institute is being established with support from the UW-Madison College of Engineering, the Grainger Institute for Engineering, the School of Veterinary Medicine, the School of Medicine and Public Health, and the Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research and Graduate Education.