Biotech Spotlight: How AI + Advanced Computing are Driving Innovation in Biohealth

Part of Forward Fest 2021

Deep learning for healthcare management. Software modeling of drug activity in the body. Machine learning-based diagnostics. Increasingly, biotech and healthtech startups are solving problems and building solutions through advanced computing technology and artificial intelligence. In this panel discussion, hear from leaders of some of the region’s most innovative startups working in the intersection of biotech and computing — Timothy Perk of AIQ Solutions; Shannon Bruse of Empirico Inc.; Jalal Sulaiman of PROMISS Diagnostics; and Joseph Grudzinski of Voximetry — who built their companies around UW–Madison technologies. This panel is for biotech entrepreneurs who have large datasets to analyze and complex problems to solve, and for software innovators who want to understand more about biotech and healthtech business problems, datasets, and how computing technology can be part of the solution. Presented by UW–Madison’s Innovate Network and Forward BIO Institute.

The panel is moderated by Bill Murphy of UW–Madison’s Forward BIO Institute and hosted by Jeanine Burmania of the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WARF).