Biotech Spotlight: Startups, Scaleup + Growth

Part of Forward Fest 2021

Learn about startups, scaleup and growth at leading biotech companies, with panelists Ana Hooker of Exact Sciences, Tom Foti of Aldevron, Carter Cliff of Vascugen, and Cathy Rasmussen of the Forward BIO Institute. These industry leaders, startup veterans and founders speak to companies at all stages, including how they leveraged UW–Madison-affiliated resources such as University Research Park, technologies, and partnerships. This panel is for biotech entrepreneurs and industry partners, those scaling any kind of tech or manufacturing startup, and those interested in lessons on scaleup and growth from some of Madison’s most innovative companies. Presented by UW–Madison’s Innovate Network and Forward BIO Institute.

Moderator: Aaron Olver, University Research Park
Host: Mary Carbine, Discovery to Product (D2P)