D2P enriching campus entrepreneurial ecosystem through partnership with the Forward BIO Institute

Discovery to Product (D2P) serves as the front door to UW-Madison’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, coordinating the new Innovate Network to connect faculty, staff, and students across campus with the right commercialization and entrepreneurship resources at the right time. They also provide direct mentoring and education to help campus innovators get their idea or invention to market.

“We are pleased to collaborate with D2P, integrating their exemplary education and mentoring resources into the Institute’s existing programs,” states Forward BIO Institute’s Director Bill Murphy. “D2P’s experienced staff of technical and business experts will augment our staff’s expertise in biomanufacturing product development and project management, and further enhance the capabilities of our newly established Catapult Program.”

“We’re very excited to partner with the Forward BIO Institute on the Catapult program to help translate new discoveries into innovative technologies with commercial impact,” says D2P Director Andy Richards.

Additionally, with their strong reputation with the student and trainee population on campus, our collaboration with D2P will serve as a powerful tool for recruiting top talent to the Innovators in Training program, as well as our Biomanufacturing Innovation master’s program. Embodying a high-energy, multi-disciplinary collaboration characteristic of the UW campus, these two organizations endeavor to jump-start a new wave of biohealth innovation and inspire a new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs at the University of Wisconsin – Madison.

“D2P is proud to play a role in supporting the Institute and the region’s growing biomanufacturing industry.” Richards adds, “The Institute builds on tremendous research and technological strengths in our community, bringing together cutting-edge research, industry partnerships, education, talent development, and commercialization expertise. These are the essential elements that are needed to continue building a center of excellence for campus and the community.”

“Partnerships such as this are integral to a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem,” says Murphy, “and we look forward to working with other partners of the recently launched Innovate Network to grow and enhance Madison’s potential.

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