Join the Forward BIO Consortium!

Research discoveries cannot have transformative impact if they never leave the laboratory. The Forward BIO Institute is committed to establishing robust and effective public-private partnerships which seek to find innovative solutions for critical global biomanufacturing challenges. Along with our partners, we are creating a Wisconsin innovation ecosystem that connects scientific thought leaders in the public sector with entrepreneurs, investors, and technology development experts in the private sector, thereby enhancing the likelihood that transformative research discoveries will leave the laboratory and positively impact society.

The Consortium focuses on identifying and solving critical, pre-competitive bottlenecks in the biomanufacturing industry, and collaboratively fosters the development of new, innovative technologies and start-up companies.

Two membership levels are currently being offered; Silver with an annual fee of $10,000 and Gold with an annual fee of $15,000. Silver members will receive periodic updates on the Institute’s activities and are invited to participate in the Institute’s annual meeting. Gold membership includes these benefits, as well as participation in events designed to promote engagement with faculty and students.
Gain Recognition as an Institute Supporter and Partner
  • Innervate the unique, innovation potential of the region
  • Establish and cultivate a partnership that accelerates development
Forge Connections at the Institute's Annual Member Meeting
  • Network with stakeholders, thought leaders, and influencers
  • Strategize public-private relationships integrated with your vision and goals
Gain “First Look” at Emerging Technologies and Trends in Biomanufacturing
  • Learn about innovative research and emerging biohealth technologies
  • Receive quarterly technology summaries with specific value propositions
Benefit from Exclusive Engagements with Biomanufacturing Thought Leaders
  • Cultivate relationships with biohealth pioneers
  • Encourage cross-fertilization of ideas and research topics during quarterly member roundtables
  • Catalyze innovation in areas of strategic importance to your organization
Recruit Talent and Expand Your Network through Strategic Interactions with Our Trainees
  • Showcase your organization to potential team members in our Industry Partners seminar series
  • Engage with a trusted conduit for talent aligned with your organization’s mission
  • Inform our workforce development programs to promote and advance relevant training

The Forward BIO Institute Nexus: Small Business Consortium Members

Composed of small businesses and startups, the Nexus is an association through which mutual interests can be advanced by fostering connections and broadening opportunities for innovative technologies. For more information on joining the Nexus, please contact us at

Collaborate on a Project

The Institute is also actively involved in facilitating sponsored research at UW-Madison. Through this mechanism, our industry partners will be able to invest and support biomanufacturing-focused scientific discovery, transformative research advances, and technological innovation in a project-specific partnership.

Support or Endow an Innovator

The Forward BIO Institute includes staff and students with unique skill sets, intended to bridge the gap between discovery and societal impact. We encourage our donors and industry partners to support the Institute’s goals through fellowships for Forward BIO Institute students, positions for Institute Innovators, and Institute laboratory facilities.

For more information or to partner with the Institute as a donor, a collaborator, or a consortium member, please contact us.

Make a Gift

Direct support to the Forward BIO Institute will advance our mission to turn groundbreaking discoveries into treatments for patients in need.