Institute fostering the next generation of innovators

With UW – Madison ranking second in the total number of doctorates awarded in the United States, and Madison being nationally ranked among top tech cities, there is a significant opportunity to supplement the technical education of our trainees to promote and foster the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs.

Photo by Jeff Miller / UW-Madison

As part of its ongoing workforce development efforts, the Forward BIO Institute has launched the Innovators in Training program, targeted to existing doctoral candidates or post-doctoral trainees with an interest in biohealth and biomanufacturing technology.

The core elements of the new program reflect the need for interdisciplinary training spanning business, legal, regulatory, and scientific themes inherent to contemporary biotechnology innovation. Simply put, students need to understand not just how these types of advanced products are developed, but how they are manufactured at scale, assessed for consistency, regulated by governmental agencies, and marketed for commercial use.