The Forward BIO Institute catalyzes innovation in biomanufacturing research, entrepreneurship and workforce development, and acts as a “catapult” that pushes groundbreaking technologies into the private sector.


The Forward BIO Institute, based at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, engages with research institutions throughout the Midwest and supports innovations in workforce development, transformative research and development, and public-private partnerships in the emerging area of biomanufacturing: the advanced manufacturing of therapeutic medical devices, cells, tissues or pharmaceuticals.

Advancing scientific discovery and technological innovation in biomanufacturing.

Building a world-class biomanufacturing workforce for the 21st century.

Fostering vibrant collaborations between public, private and academic sectors.

The Forward BIO Initiative, a collaborative effort between the Forward BIO Institute, Forward BIOLABS, and BioForward Wisconsin, is committed to advancing Wisconsin as a national biomanufacturing center of excellence. A unique partnership, the Initiative offers comprehensive support for technological innovation and workforce development to effectively translate discoveries into commercial products and groundbreaking therapies.